Learning. Discovering. Believing.


learned she can read, and it’s fun! Camp staff provide opportunities for success, building skill and confidence taken back to the classroom in the fall. 


believed he could take on the high dive. Learning to dive or learning to read, Reading Camp meets children where they are and encourages them to reach higher! 


discovered the violin at Reading Camp. Experiences like this open doors to future hobbies and career choices. Carnegie Hall? Who knows!


discovered he had the courage to rappel a 2-story rock. Challenging experiences build confidence that spills over into all areas of his life.

One week of camp really does make a DIFFERENCE!



$50* Provide Reading Materials

I want to provide a 3rd-5th grade camper like Layla books of her own to take home and materials in learning centers that make learning to read fun! 


$400* Send a child to Reading Camp

I want to make sure a child like Colton discovers new heights at a week of Reading Camp.


$1000* Open doors of Discovery

I want to give children like Javon and Crystal the opportunity to make discoveries that can shape their lives by providing transportation and discovery experiences for 25 children.